Health, safety and environment (HSE)

Luster Mekaniske Industri AS are highly focused on health, safety and environment in the company. With an active HSE system Luster Mekaniske Industri AS wish to create great values, build engagement and relations with employees, customers and the local community.

The zero-injury policy is applicable for all Luster Mekaniske Industi AS activities. We are working to prevent all kind of accidents, occupational illness and strive to achieve apositive working environment for employees on a daily basis. This is achieved through an HSE system where health and safety focused on as much as service quality, technology and economy.

Quality assurance

Luster Mekaniske Industri AS has incorporated a quality management system and is certified in accordance with the requirements: ISO 9001: 2015 and NS-EN ISO 3834-2: 2005. Luster Mekaniske Industri AS have a documented system that ensures quality in all aspects of the products and services according to customer requirements and other criteria.

Continuous improvement, communication, risk, leadership, personnel training, traceability, equipment maintenance and customer satisfaction are among the criteria Luster Mekaniske Industri AS focus on daily.


Through controlled routines and continuous improvement, we work to achieve solutions so that we reduce our environmental footprint as a result of our operations. Luster Mekaniske Industri AS has set a goal of zero emissions regarding land, air or water.

Luster Mekaniske Industri AS has an agreement with SIMAS næring regarding waste delivery. A system for recycling plastic, wet organic waste, residual waste and hazardous waste has been established. Hazardous waste is declared on